Since its formation in 1978 within a former luggage factory, the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart has been a space for artistic production and exchange. To coincide with its fortieth jubilee, MATHESON WHITELEY and furniture designer Simon Jones were commissioned by the City of Stuttgart to redevelop the public spaces of the gallery, opening up the institution to the wider community.

The proposal has three objectives: Firstly, to re-establish a direct main entry from the street and restore vital connections between studio, exhibition and workshop spaces. Secondly, to address the changing nature of creative work, providing visitors and audiences with a new type of space for meeting and working. And thirdly, to create a new bar and gastronomy, providing a social space and meeting point with regular concerts, events and performances.

The project reflects upon the history of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, identifying ways in which the founding roles and ambitions of the institution can inform the present moment.

Project Details:

Program: Entrance, cafe, public space

Client: City of Stuttgart

Location: Stuttgart

Status: Completed

Images: Maris Mezulis