The Boat House is a small single-room structure built for the artist Caragh Thuring. It occupies the last available plot on the edge of Loch Fyne in Scotland and sits at an inflection point, enjoying views both up-and-down and directly across the Loch.

The shape of the building is a distorted pyramid, adjusted to maximise views, create privacy, provide protection from the prevailing wind and direct summer and winter sun. The site is exposed to wild coastal weather and the building is secured on a concrete ring-beam structure springing from an existing stone retaining wall.

Externally the building is clad in a larch rainscreen which has weathered to silver-gray. Internally, the studio is a single room divided by a small, skylit bathroom. The floor is oiled oak planks. Window sills are formed from Irish marble.

Project Details:

Program: Artist studio, residential

Client: Caragh Thuring

Location: Strachur

Status: Completed

Images: Maris Mezulis