Hollybush Gardens

Hollybush Gardens
London, United Kingdom 

The new contemporary art gallery for Hollybush Gardens rehabilitates an abandoned six-meter high brick vault located beneath the Rosebery Avenue Bridge Viaduct. Through careful examination of the existing building fabric, the project proposes a series of highly specific spaces for the display of art which respond to the strongly architectural, almost archaeological, nature of the existing space.

The main entry is configured along Warner Yard and opens to a long gallery built from London stock engineering bricks, sand-blasted to expose their soft-yellow colour in contrast to the deep blue glazed corner bricks.

Beyond is the main gallery—a six-meter high vaulted space which follows the original profile of the viaduct arch. A new lighting and services grid is suspended from an existing gantry system, while the existing concrete floor is simply cleaned and left exposed.

A new opening allows for lateral circulation to a small ‘pocket-gallery’ located beneath the new stair, connecting upper-level offices, a viewing balcony and a second studio with direct access from Rosebery Ave.

Client: Hollybush Gardens
Location: London, United Kingdom
Status: Completed 2013
Photography: Maris Mezulis