Fisches Nord

Fisches Nord
Lausanne, Switzerland

Fisches Nord is a new residential development on the outskirts of Lausanne. The site lies at the northern edge of the Fisches Nord masterplan and rises steeply to the north-east with southern views towards Lake Lausanne.

Architecturally, the project has two primary ambitions which relate to the masterplan.

Firstly to create an urban marker at the intersection of the pedestrian and vehicle circulation systems - this notional ‘gate-house’ acts as a kind of landmark, establishing a point of emphasis.

Secondly, the project addresses the wider site conditions to the north beyond the masterplan, in particular responding to the topography and wide sweep of a nearby highway to the north.

Fisches Nord is conceived as two square-plan blocks, adjusted to suit topogrpahy, views and daylight. A smaller third volume is added at the intersection of circulation patterns within the wider urban setting. This lower block shares vertical circulation with the adjacent square block, but otherwise appears as a kind of independant gate-house.

The space created between these three elements offers improved views, privacy and daylight - becoming a positive space, which offers a plausible conclusion to the masterplan.

Client: Canton de Vaud
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Status: Competition, jury prize winner
Structural and MEP Consultant: Buro Happold (Bath)
Sustainability: Buro Happold (Bath)
Partner architect: Focketyn del Rio (CH)